Jiangsu rolled out a plan to identify 5 goals of promoting the implementation of IPR strategy in SMEs

On June 4, it was learned from Jiangsu Economic and Information Technology Commission (JEITC) that, in order to further promote the innovation level of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and improve the capabilities of SMEs in IPR creation, protection, management and strategic utilization, Jiangsu IP Office and JEITC jointly formulated the Implementation Plan of Jiangsu on IPR Strategy Promotion Program of SMEs (2018-2020) (hereinafter referred to as “the Plan”).

The Plan requires that the IPR quality and performance of SMEs should be significantly improved, supported by policy guidance and enhanced service. More efforts should be made to establish a long-term mechanism of innovation-based development in SMEs, accelerate to foster a batch of SMEs leading in IPR and competitive at the market and give strong support to the development of a powerful Jiangsu both in manufacturing and IPR.

The Plan proposes five targetsand main tasks. In terms of spurring the vitality of SMEs in IPR creation, the actions of “Patent Reset”,“Patent Redoubled” and “Patent Navigation”are to be launched in key enterprises. By 2020, the number of patent applications and grants by SMEs in Jiangsu will increase 30% as compared to that in 2017. Over 50,000 SMEs will file patent applications; 100 professional, specialized, refined and innovative enterprises with IPR strengths will become IPR-leading enterprises, with each owning over 100 invention patents.