Guangdong achieved good results in combating fraud and false publicity of food and health food

In July 2017, nine government agencies including the Office of State Council on Food Safety deployed their action of rectification in food and health food fraud and false publicity. Since the rectification work was carried out, different areas have taken various methods to collect clue to illegal cases and collect evidence and impose punishment over the illegal and law-breaking acts, including unauthorized food production and operation, production and change of production process not in line with the approved content, illegal addition of non-edible substance, claim of disease prevention or healing functions and false publicity of labels or marks. Meanwhile, the food cases are under timely control and measures are taken to identify the source and distribution, supervise enterprises in timely callback, suspend the sales and destroy the goods, so as to prevent the products involved in the case from flowing into the market again. As of March 2018, the food and drug regulatory authorities of various levels handled and released 8,178 cases of administrative punishment related to the rectification action.

According to the statistics about cases of rectification over fraud and false publicity of food and health food, Guangdong totaled 1,242, accounting for 15.2% and ranking the first nationwide. The case details can be searched or browsed on the official website of case-handling authorities.

(Source: Guangdong Food and Drug Administration)