Harbin Customs take multiple measures to protect IPR

Recently, Harbin Customs carried out a series of publicity activities for the IPR week,themed on “upholding the innovation culture and respecting the IPR”.

Harbin Customs promoted the experience, typical cases and practices about IPR protection by posting specific cases on the webpage, hanging banners at the port and setting up the inquiry station, etc. Meanwhile, the “Qingfeng”Action was launched across the province. 18 IPR cases have been handled, 303 items of goods were detained, worth 417,300 yuan, which protected the IPR of 12 right holders in six countries.

Starting from March, the “2018 China – Russia Joint Action for IPR Protection” was carried out. Specific efforts include:

1. Research over market is strengthened. Based on the pricing of domestic and foreign products, items vulnerable to IPR infringement are identified;

2. Key products are subject to strict regulation and thorough inspection;

3. Specific governance in mail and express channels are carried out; and

4. Law enforcement against carriage of online infringing goods of high value and hazardous to public healthy are rolled out.

(Source: Heilongjiang Daily)