Ningbo police protects IPR by bringing out various measures

May 15 this year is the publicity day of crackdown on and prevention of economic crimes by the national public security authority for the 9th year, whose theme is “unit people with one heart and defend the public”. Only last year, the Economic Investigation Department of Ningbo Public Security Authority, for the sake of public interests and IPR protection, cracked a batch of major cases about IPR infringement. 58 suspects were seized and over 90 hideouts were destroyed. The cases valued 249 million yuan.

Statistics indicated that last year, the police of Ningbo looked into 72 cases of IPR infringement, worth over 240 million yuan, among which 69 were cracked, 58 suspects were caught and over 90 hideouts were destroyed, which maintained the market and economic order and social stability of Ningbo.

This year, Ningbo police will continue to work closely with the administrative law enforcement departments in market regulation, improve their capability of early warning against the crimes related to IPR infringement and counterfeiting, coordinate closely in different aspects of work and ensure the provision of rich case source concerning the city-level efforts to crack down IPR infringement and counterfeiting.

(Source: Ningbo Evening)