Hainan: IPR boosts the rise of “Innovation Island”

In 2017, Hainan had 4,417 patent applications, up by 20.39% year on year, among which the invention patent applications reached 1,594, up by 25.02% year on year; the utility model patents reached 2,136, a year-on-year increase of 15.09%; the design patent applications reached 687, a year-on-year increase of 27.70%.

“In 2017, Hainan vigorously implemented the strategy of innovation-driven development by taking the main route of guiding the supply-side structural reform, constantly focusing on global cutting-edge technology, main economic battlefield and the country’s key demands and closely following the demands of Hainan for economic, social, technical and cultural development and for a better future of Hainan to explore and innovate. A series of breakthrough and progress have been made in technology and IPR,”said Shi Yiyun, Head of Science and Technology Department of Hainan Province at the 2018 Work Conference of Hainan on Science, Technology and IPR.

In recent years, Hainan pushed forward the reform of technical mechanism and continuously improved the capability of technical innovation. The current Hainan Island not only boasts sound environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, but also play a more outstanding role in supporting and guiding scientific and technical innovation. New progress has also been achieved in building Hainan into an IPR powerful province.

(Source: the Office of Hainan Leading Group on Fight against IPR Infringement and Counterfeiting)