Tianjin 12330 Center ranked 1st nationwide in terms of IPR protection aid and complaint handling work in 2017

Recently, State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO )released the Notice of SIPO on Performance Examination Results of Patent Administrative Law Enforcement, IPR Protection Aid and Report Complaint and Fast IPR Protection Work. Those IP offices, IPR protection aid centers and IPR fast protection centers of different provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) outstanding in the performance examination of law enforcement and IPR protection work in 2017 were commended. Tianjin 12330 Center ranked the 1st among the 76 national centers due to its perfect performance in IPR aid and report complaint.

This year, the 12330 center of Tianjin will continue to implement the key decisions and arrangement made by the State Council about strengthening IPR protection, further enhance the work on IPR protection aid and report complaints, with an effort to establish an integrated system of IPR protection public service and fully leverage the important role of IPR protection aid and report complaints in promoting the economic and social development.

(Source: Tianjin IP Office)