Quan Zhou of Fujian: six-party coordination mechanism ensures fast IPR protection

Recently, Quanzhou People’s Procuratorate in Fujian Province released the six-party coordination mechanism of fast IPR protection so that the new pattern of brand protection featuring the six-party synergy and four-in-one cooperation can be a tool to overcome the difficulties faced of enterprises over with IPR protection. By virtue of this mechanism, the complaints about IPR infringement can be handled in a fast manner, from three days to 24 hours. When the infringement complainers are considered creditable, the processing time is further shortened to 3 hours.

As is introduced, the six-party coordination mechanism of fast IPR protection can unite the brand owners, law enforcement bodies and e-commerce platform to create a new ecosystem of “institutional co-building, data sharing and order co-governance”. Jointly initiated by Quanzhou People’s Procuratorate and Quanzhou Bureau for Industry and Commerce and jointly coordinated by Quanzhou Intermediate People’s Court, Quanzhou Public Security Bureau, Quanzhou Federation of Industry and Commerce and Alibaba, the new and four-in-one pattern of brand protection featuring “enterprises, platforms, administration and jurisdiction” and the six-party IPR fast protection mechanism combing "private remedy, public right protection and platform governance" are built to solve the difficulties in time-consuming IPR protection.

(Source: JCRB.com)