Liaocheng destroyed 17 tons of infringing, pirated and illegal publications

On the morning of May 10, the event of destroying the infringing, pirated and illegal publications was held in the city of Liaocheng. 17 tons of such publications have been destroyed publicly. Over 100 publication and printing business representatives signed their names on the banner of “protecting IPR, refusing piracy and boosting innovation”.

As is learned, over the past year, 14 cases about anti-pornographic and anti-illegal publications were handled in Liaocheng. Over 200,000 items of books, magazine, audio-visual products, electronic publications and computer software were confiscated, 3 underground printing factories were canceled, 1,500 pieces of hazardous online information were handled and 25 websites were closed down, which effectively purify the social and cultural environment and maintain the political and social stability and cultural safety in Liaocheng.