Shanghai strengthens IPR protection and service, with no complaint for the past six years

During the 6th China (Shanghai)International Technology Fair (CSITF), Shanghai IP Office worked with other counterparts to further strengthen IPR protection and service and received “no complaint” about IPR for the past six consecutive years.

First, strengthen prior examination and start from details in consolidating the early warning and prevention of IPR disputes. Overall troubleshooting was carried out in the key exhibition areas and over 50 kinds of hidden risks were discovered. The organizers were also coordinated in rectification and efforts were made to resolve the problems before the Fair.

Second, strengthen in-process exhibition patrol. The examination work was strengthened by working with Pudong New Area IP Office to find out the acts of IPR infringement in a timely manner. Meanwhile, the online IPR inquiry service was created so that various IPR inquiries and complaints can be received via the hotline of IPR protection assistance 12330 and the public account of WeChat.

Third, optimize the work mechanism, improve the functions of IPR Service Center under CSITF (or “Service Center”) and provide one-stop service including complaint, inquiry, information retrieval and policy interpretation based on the strength of relevant departments and professional service providers. During the Fair, the Service Center received over 1,000 inquiries and distributed over 5,000 pieces of publicity material in different kinds.

(Source: the Office of Shanghai Leading Group on Fight against IPR Infringement and Counterfeiting)