Changsha Customs tracks down 402 items of IPR infringement goods so far this year

The Regulations Department of Changsha Customs seized a batch of IPR infringing electric self-balancing scooters. It is learned that this batch of 297 scooters is expected to export to Russia. After on-site examination, the customs staff found that this batch of goods infringes upon the invention and design patents of IPR owners.

According to Yu Jun, Deputy Head of Regulations Office under Changsha Customs, since this year, 402 items alleged of IPR infringement have been seized, which are mainly inward and outward via freight transport and postal express. The customs remind enterprises to improve their awareness of filing records with customs and IPR rights protection. The IPR owners can file online with the General Administration of Customs of China on its website.

(Source: – Hunan Daily)