Xiamen Customs destroyed 100,000 items of IPR infringement goods

Recently, 71,000 pieces of IPR infringing paper diaper and 24,000 pieces of infringing shoe semi-products including shoelace, insoles and shoe labels were destroyed in the forms of smashing and crushing.

As is known, this batch of goods were destroyed by a professional agency entrusted by Xiamen Customs, involving several domestic and foreign brands including COMFREY, ADIDAS, PUMA and CONVERSE, etc. It is the largest destruction activity in recent years. “The IPR infringement goods for export destroyed this time were seized by our customs in 2017,.”said Huang Shunguang, Head of Customs Regulations Section of Xiamen Customs. In order to protect the public safety and consumption security and guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of IPR holders, the customs should firmly destroy those IPR infringement goods like paper diaper which may harm the public health and completely eradicate the possibility of those IPR infringement goods flowing into the market.

It is learned that since 2017, Xiamen Customs has tracked down 142 cases about IPR infringement in export and import, seized 4.32 million items of counterfeit IPR infringement goods, worth 37.2 million yuan.

(Source: taihainet.com)