Tianjin Higher People’s Court publicly heard an IPR case

As the World IP Day is coming on April 26, the IPR Tribunal under the High People’s Court of Tianjin publicly heard a design infringement case, which was broadcast live via tingshen.court.gov.cn. Some NPC deputies and CPPCC members of Tianjin, IPR trial technical experts, representatives of hi-tech and innovative businesses and patent agencies observed the trial.

After the trial, the court members and the representative participants attended the discussion. The trial was widely affirmed and believed to make good preparation and proceed with a strict order and be efficiently heard, which would help bring into full play the role of typical cases in spreading positive strength of rule of law and creating a good environment for IPR protection.

Recently, Tianjin courts will carry out a series of activities for the IPR promotion including public trial, press conference and the release of typical cases to demonstrate achievements made by Tianjin courts in IPR judicial protection, disseminate the ideas of IPR rule of law and create a good environment for respecting innovation and IPR in the society.

(Source: the Office of Tianjin Leading Group on Fight against IPR Infringement and Counterfeiting)