UK business leaders welcome Xi comments at Boao Forum

British business leaders have welcomed comments made this week by President Xi Jinping about the protection of foreign intellectual property rights in China, and about the status of the Belt and Road Initiative.

During his keynote speech at the Boao Forum, Xi said government will ramp up its efforts to protect intellectual property rights for local and foreign companies operating in China.

“Improving property rights protection will enhance the competitiveness of the Chinese economy,” the president said.

Xi said the government will reorganize the State Intellectual Property Office this year, step up law enforcement, and significantly raise the cost for offenders.

Tim Moss, chief executive of the UK government’s Intellectual Property Office, said a healthy and balanced intellectual property system is “important for economic competitiveness”. “I welcome President Xi’s commitment to IP protection and look forward to supporting detailed implementation,” he said.

“I will be interested to see further developments following recent announcements, including upcoming IP legislative revisions and initiatives to encourage appropriate cross-border technology co-operation.”

Tania Clark, president of the Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys, said the Chinese patent and trademark system “seems increasingly to be harmonized toward the processes of other countries”.

“All intellectual property practitioners will be heartened by the encouraging words in President Xi’s speech,” Clark said. “A solid and trusted intellectual property system is a cornerstone of international and domestic trade.”

Stephen Jones, president of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys, said: “We welcome President Xi Jinping’s commitment to strengthening intellectual property rights in China and improvements in enforcement of rights.”

(Source:by Angus McNeicein London | adapted from