The first “work stations of double IPR protection” set up in Shenzhen

Recently, Shenzhen Work Station for IPR Protection of SMEs and Shenzhen Work Station for Overseas IPR Protection of SMEs were inaugurated at IPR Protection Center of Nanshan District.

Shenzhen Promotion Association for SMEs becomes the first social organization in Shenzhen to own two IPR-related work stations.

According to the official of Shenzhen Promotion Association for SMEs, these two work stations are set up with the support of both Shenzhen Municipal IP Office and the government of Nanshan District. They mark another achievement of innovation in the self-discipline management of IPR-related industries and a landmark event of Shenzhen SMEs for IPR protection.

As Zhou Jiagui, Head of IPR Protection Section under Shenzhen Municipal IP Office said, the people’s government of Shenzhen has always attached great importance to the IPR protection work and taken key measures to create good business environment through the most tight IPR protection. The establishment of two work stations is among these key measures. Zhou hoped that the work stations will further play a pivotal role in IPR protection and help build up "four platforms" for IPR protection of SMEs: platforms of training, guidance, right protection and incubation, so as to improve the awareness and skills of the SMEs in Shenzhen about IPR protection, provide business guidance for enterprises, solve practical problems and fully motivate the desire of enterprises in innovation and startup.

(Source: Shenzhen Special Zone Daily)