Progress made in four aspects for the IPR judicial protection work by Chinese courts in 2017

Lin Guanghai, Deputy Head of IP Tribunal of the Supreme People’s Court, said recently, the IPR judicial protection work of people’s courts is based on the leadership of CPC Central Committee and closely follows the pulse of a new era, historically achieving major results in 2017:

First, top-level design is achieved in the innovation of IPR trial reform. On November 20 2017, General Secretary of CPC Xi Jinping presided over the first meeting of the 19th Central Leading Group on Comprehensive and In-depth Reform, where the Opinions on Strengthening Innovation and Reform in the IPR Trial Field was approved.

Second, a new blueprint is planned in terms of IPR judicial protection. On April 24, 2017, the Supreme People’s Court released the Guideline of China on IPR Judicial Protection (2016 - 2020)to propose 8 targets of IPR judicial protection in a systematic and innovative manner for the first time.

Third, IPR trial system and capability become modernized. On August 29, 2017, Zhou Qiang, Head of Supreme People’s Court (SPC) delivered the Report of SPC on IPR Work at the 29th Meeting of the 12thNPC Standing Committee. The Standing Committee reviewed and spoke highly of the initiative of IPR courts, thinking that it would play a positive role in building up an IPR trial system with Chinese characteristics and enhancing IPR judicial protection.

Fourth, IPR judicial protection takes a predominant position in maintaining fairness and justice. Statistics show that the scale of IPR creation and application in various types is large, the value of some IPRs increased, some IPRs may cause frequent disputes, the alternative dispute resolution system is weak on the supply side and the rigid demand of judicial protection continues to run high.