Tianjin protects the IPR of foreign invested enterprises for a better business environment

It is learned from Tianjin Commerce Department, in order to create a good and fair market and investment environment and further promote the increase of foreign investment and improvement of quality in use of foreign investment and crack down on illegal criminal acts of copyright infringement upon the foreign-invested enterprises, since the fourth quarter of last year, the Office of Tianjin Leading Group on Fight against IPR Infringement and Counterfeiting organized relevant departments to carry out continuously the operations for the IPR protection of foreign-invested enterprises.

Altogether, the law enforcement have been carried out for 2,300 person times, 1,300 merchants have been supervised, 64 cases have been looked into. Over 3,000 items of infringement goods have been seized, worth 600,000 yuan. 9 cases were closed, worth 1.11 million yuan. 1.317 million yuan were fined. Noticeable results have been achieved, which was welcomed by many foreign enterprises.

(Source: enorth.com.cn)