Xiamen Administration for Market Supervision continuously carried out “Qingfeng Action”

As 2018 is the third year of “Qingfeng Action” carried out, Xiamen Administration for Market Supervision includes the Action into their operations in combination with daily supervision. The “Qingfeng Action” implemented this year includes the following aspects:

First, accelerate the nurturing of indigenous brands, encourage the brand building of enterprises and guide the regulated use of trademarks;

Second, strengthen the protection of trademarks in the conventions and exhibitions;

Third, enhance the handling of foreign-related trademarks and trademarks of geographical indications.

Under the joint efforts of Xiamen Administration for Market Supervision and the local police, the case of IPR infringement upon six international famous brands of cosmetics (Givenchy, La Mer, Kiehl's, Jo Malone London, Fresh and SK-Ⅱ) has been tracked down, worth over 20 million yuan. 3 related operation places were banned and 4 suspects were caught. This case was awarded in the typical national cases about the linkage of administrative law enforcement and criminal justice; 1 case about geographical indications was looked into.

(Source: Xiamen Administration for Market Supervision)