Shanxi’s prosecutor issued 1,795 persons for goods counterfeiting crime last year

On February 6, Shanxi People’s Procuratorate held a workshop on service in support of innovation of entrepreneurs and for the protection of legitimate rights and interests of private economy. Only last yearIn 2017 alone, 451 persons in the cases affecting the economic development of non-public ownership were arrested and 511 were prosecuted; 1,795 persons were indicted with the crime of goods counterfeiting.

In recent years, the procuratorates of Shanxi Province released 10 implementation opinions about pilot area of service serving and supporting transformation and comprehensive reform of pilot area of, non-public economy, property protection and optimized optimization of business environment;; Last year, Shanxi procuratorates released two opinions on IPR and business environment; five campaigns themed on “promoting IPR protection and creating good business environment” were deployed.

According to information, last year, the procuratorates in Shanxi supervised 23 influential cases of IPR protection within the province; 2,870 suspects were indicted with the crime of harming disrupting financial management order, 912 with the crime of illegal operation and forced transaction and 554 with IPR infringement crime. The special operations for civil and administrative enforcement and supervision were carried out. 656 cases related to contract enforcement of enterprises were handled, 608 procurate recommendations were issued, among which 474 were accepted by the courts, worth over 1 billion yuan.