Beijing is to set a major work layout of “seven-in-one” IPR protection

On February 6, the 2018 Beijing IPR Work Conference was held. Shen Changyu, Commissioner of SIPO, Yin Hejun, Member of Beijing Municipal CPC Standing Committee and Vice Mayor attended the meeting. In a new year, Beijing will establish a major work layout of “seven-in-one” IPR protection.

In 2017, as the whole society released the vitality of innovation, IPR creation has evolved from “large volume” to “high quality”, Beijing ranked the top nationwide in terms of many indicators.

In 2018, Beijing will actively build up the major layout of “seven-in-one” IPR protection, including “administrative law enforcement, judicial trial, diversified mediation, commercial arbitration, legal service, social supervision and industrial self-discipline”, accelerate the establishment of China (Beijing) IPR Protection Center and China (Zhongguanchun) IPR Protection Center and nurture a batch of high-value core patents to accelerate the industrial IPR creation and protection.

(Source: Beijing Daily)