Kunming Customs protected 276 renowned brands in “Qingfeng” Action

It is learned from Kunming Customs that the 3-year “Qingfeng” Action for the protection of Made in China image came to an end recently. Kunming Customs handled 214 cases of IPR infringement, involving over 630,000 items of goods and worth 14.72 million yuan. 276 domestic and international renowned brands have been under protection.

As introduced, in order to combat IPR infringement acts and protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, Kunming Customs set up a backlist system to include those enterprises with a track record of IPR infringement as targets of key supervision and control and take IPR infringement acts as an important factor in the credit rating management of import and export enterprises by customs. IPR infringement acts of enterprises are linked with the customs clearance cost for import and export.

Meanwhile, they improve social service, promote the procedures of record of IPR with customs and facilitation measures for suspension of fee charge on the record, guide and encourage the application of enterprises for IPR protection with General Administration of China, provide enterprises with legal and consultancy services and encourage the enterprises to conduct legal operation consciously.

(Source: Yunnan.cn)