Xiamen Customs seized 4.93 million items of IPR infringement goods in 3 years of “Qingfeng”Action

It is learned from Xiamen Customs that, the 3-year (2015-2017) “Qingfeng” Action to protect the overseas image of Made in China came into end. According to statistics of Xiamen Customs, over the past three years, Xiamen Customs investigated 829 batches of IPR infringement goods in various forms, involving 4.9324 million articles of goods and worth 48.0551 million yuan. The export shoes and garment infringement case of an enterprise under integrated foreign trade service platform was included in the ten typical cases of General Administration of Customs for IPR protection in 2016.

According to the staff from Xiamen Customs, in keeping a strong momentum of anti-counterfeiting work, Xiamen Customs also combined combat and construction and established the national first demonstration center of IPR protection, launched the plan of nurturing export enterprises leading in IPR protection to nurture a batch of such enterprises as Anta and Pien Tze Huang and improve the sense of fulfillment of enterprises and the core competitiveness of Made in Manufacturing so as to help Chinese brands to “go global”.

(Source: xmnn.cn)