The customs of Shijiazhuang worked with counterparts in Beijing and Tianjin to protect the IPRs of enterprises going global

The customs of Shijiazhuang seized IPR-infringing goods

It was learned from the customs in Shijiazhuang that, the 3-year “Qingfeng Action”in maintaining the overseas image of Made in China has come to an end (2015 - 2017). During this period, the customs in Shijiazhuang worked with their counterparts in Beijing and Tianjin to vigorously nurture those enterprises leading in IPR export by combining the law-based governance and innovation, thus offering strong support for IPR protection of Hebei enterprises. As of December 31, 2017, Hebei had put on file 526 IPR registrations with General Administration of Customs for IPR protection, in an effort to constrain the occurrence of illegal acts of IPR infringement from the source.

In the “Qingfeng” Action, the customs of Shijiazhuang focused on those countries along the “Belt and Road” and countries in Africa, Arab and Latin America to select key goods in different key areas and strengthen regulation and investigation of the goods and articles suspected of IPR infringement from different channels of transportation, travel check and express items. The customs fully applies various information about cases cracked, customs clearance and law enforcement of adjacent customs to analyze and sort out the export goods on a regular basis, strengthen risk analysis and judgment of IPR infringement and improve the pertinence and effectiveness of risk control and check. During the Action, 5 cases of export IPR infringement have been uncovered, worth over 200,000 yuan and with a fine of over 10,000 yuan.