Hebei held a press conference for the combat work against IPR infringement and counterfeiting

On the afternoon of January 17, the Information Office of Hebei People’s Government held the press conference about “the anti-IPR infringement and anti-counterfeiting work in Hebei Province”, where Xu Yanping, Vice Inspector of Hebei Commerce Department and Head of the Office of Hebei Leading Group on IPR Infringement and Counterfeiting released the related work by Hebei in 2017.

I. Promote high-level efforts and inter-department coordination and form strong synergy in work

In 2017, Hebei further put the work of anti-IPR infringement and anti-counterfeiting on the priority of the work by the provincial people’s government.

II. Strengthen special rectification and daily regulation and maintain a strong momentum of fighting against counterfeiting

First, deepen the special rectification. Second, strengthen daily regulation. Third, strengthen criminal crackdown. For the whole year, 6,301 cases of administrative law violations concerning IPR infringement and counterfeiting were looked into, among which 6,048 were closed, worth 37.53 million yuan; 101 criminal cases were transferred, worth 19.78 million yuan;36 hideouts were destroyed; 1,421 criminal cases were solved, with 1,833 suspects being caught, involving a value of 715.81 million yuan; 525 suspects in 407 cases were detained, 998 suspects in 718 cases were prosecuted; 762 cases were trialed, with 829 suspects being sentenced; 329 illegal or regulation-violating websites were investigated and 21,103 pieces of fake and illegal information were cleaned up.

III. Promote the legal system building and consolidate the work foundation for comprehensive administration

First, identify the targets and tasks for combating the IPR infringement and counterfeiting. Second, improve the legal basis for IPR protection. The Patent Regulations of Hebei Province and the Regulations of Hebei on Optimizing Business Environment were released, with an aim to provide strong legal protection for the in-depth work of anti-IPR infringement anti-counterfeiting in Hebei. Third, promote the effective working of the “online linkage” of administrative law enforcement and criminal justice for fight against IPR infringement and counterfeiting.

(Source: the Office of Hebei Leading Group on Fight against IPR Infringement and Counterfeiting)