Alibaba released anti-counterfeiting annual report: historic breakthrough made in IPR protection and fake goods governance in 2017

On January 10, Alibaba released the Annual Report of Alibaba on IPR Protection in 2017 (hereinafter referred to as the “Anti-Fake Annual Report”).

A string of noticeable data showed that 2017 is the year for Alibaba to work together with all walks of life including branded enterprises, law enforcement judicial organs and consumers to make breakthrough in online governance of fake goods and IPR protection. With the assistance of data technology as the drive for fake combating and due to the joint efforts of law enforcement organs, brand right holders and consumers, the online counterfeiting acts have been harshly cracked down, curbed and deterred.

The Report also pointed out that despite the historic breakthrough made in governance of online fake goods, the source of off-line goods have not been eradicated. Under the crackdown of Alibaba on counterfeiters, the fake goods tends to spread cross-border and towards Wechat merchants and other platforms.

97% of the counterfeit goods can be intercepted for online sales via the data technology Impressive achievements by Alibaba in anti-counterfeiting in 2017 The Anti-Fake Annual Report revealed that Alibaba applies its 9 “black technology” onto its anti-fake control, including goods brain, image recognition algorithm and biometric authentication, etc., in a bid to identify about 2 billion items of goods on its platform all the time. Thus, its capabilities of fake goods recognition and interception have been improved significantly.

The off-line source of counterfeiting yet to be eradicated, with fake goods spreading on the cross-border platforms.

In the course of transforming the data technology into strong momentum to promote anti-counterfeiting work, Alibaba is also working together with the law enforcement organs to declare war against offline counterfeiting.

The Anti-Fake Annual Report indicated that as of the end of 2017, the special team against fake goods of Alibaba had launched cooperation with 23 provinces nationwide. A total of 1,910 pieces of clues related to counterfeiting had been fed to the law enforcers nationwide. Support had been given to capture 1,606 suspects and destroy 1,328 hideouts, with a value of 4.3 billion yuan involved.

Zheng Junfang, Chief Officer for Platform Governance of Alibaba introduced their anti-counterfeiting achievements in 2017

(Source: Global E-businessmen)