SAIC: Malicious registration of trademarks will be rejected unconditionally according to the laws

Recently, there emerged frequent actions of malicious trademark registration including violation of good faith principle, malicious clinging to the goodwill of other’s trademark, cyber squatting of renowned trademarks, infringement upon other’s prior rights, occupation of public resources and repetitive squatting.

The official from the Trademark Bureau under State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) responded that, considering the trend that the malicious trademark registration gets larger in scale and specialized in illegal means, the Trademark Bureau optimized its examination procedure to sort out and aggregate the types of malicious registration and related cases. In terms of examination, those trademark applications identified as explicit malicious intention-oriented will be strictly examined and rejected.

In addition, the Trademark Bureau of SAIC handled a batch of cases about malicious hoarding of trademarks, malicious clinging to the goodwill of other’s trademarks to curb the acts of malicious registration in violation of good faith principle.