The national examination team for the work of anti-IPR infringement and anti-counterfeiting went to Hunan for inspection

The national examination team for the work of anti-IPR infringement and anti-counterfeiting began to carry out on-site inspection over the performance of Hunan in this regard. It is learned from the debrief meeting that from January to October, 2017, 9 competent authorities in charge of anti-IPR infringement and anti-counterfeiting in Hunan handled 13,409 cases, with all of the cases available to the public. Before the debrief, Xiang Lili, Deputy Governor and Head of Hunan Leading Group on Fight against IPR Infringement and Counterfeiting met the examination team.

Since last year, Hunan has continuously pushed forward the governance in the key areas by vigorously strengthening the regular supervision over the goods quality, making more efforts on anti-IPR infringement, enhancing criminal crackdown and judicial protection and promoting the cross-regional and inter-department coordination. Thus, noticeable results have been achieved in the fight against IPR infringement and counterfeiting. In terms of administrative law enforcement, the IP authority launched "Huhang" and "Leiting" actions and put on file 3,916 cases of patent-related administrative law enforcement; the administration for industry and commerce handled 857 cases of trademark infringement cases and 871 cases of renowned goods counterfeiting and unfair competition and 319 cases of Red Shield pro-agriculture action. In terms of judicial protection, the police cracked 395 criminal cases related to the crackdown on IPR infringement and counterfeiting,with 984 suspects being caught and a value of over 480 million yuan involved; The People's Court looked into 6,199 first-trial civil cases about IPR and closed 3,863 cases; 88 first-trial criminal cases about IPR have been looked into and 55 have been closed, with 77 people being under criminal punishment. Also, the food and drug authorities in Hunan take the lead to establish the liaison office of procuratorate and public security in their organization.