Zhejiang’s new approaches to tackle the challenges of IPR infringement and counterfeiting in Internet economy

In the era of big data, how does Zhejiang province innovate its practice and do a good job in the governance of Internet economy when it encounters the challenges of IPR infringement and counterfeiting

On October 11, the Sub Forum on “Data Power•Sharing and Co-governance” of 2017 Computing Conference was held to answer the above question. 

At the corporate level, to take Alibaba as an example, it is bringing about the reform to social governance by virtue of big data.    

As Zheng Junfang, Chief Platform Governance Officer of Alibaba introduced, Alibaba now is leveraging the power of data to realize fast refund to consumers for the counterfeits they buy; offer the entrepreneurs fair entrepreneurial opportunities and healthy and orderly market environment and discover those “small and creditable” sellers. 

Zheng Junfang gave a keynote speech at the Sub Forum on “Data Power·Sharing and Co-governance” of 2017 ComputingConference

At the regulatory level, Zhejiang province also keeps innovating its regulation concept and methods so as to tackle the challenges posed by IPR infringement and counterfeiting. 

Roundtable Conference for “Zhejiang Province’s Practice of Social Governance in Data Era” 

under the sub forum of Computing Conference

Xu Gaochun, Head of the Office of Zhejiang Leading Group on Fight against IPR Infringement and Counterfeiting indicated that as for the matter of IPR infringement and counterfeiting, consumers have appeals and right holders such as platforms and businesses have their demands, so the governments should shoulder their responsibilities. The Yunjian Alliance was founded in 2015 to carry out “Yunjian Action (Cloud Sword)” in the following three aspects: government-business cooperation; inter-agency cooperation; regional cooperation. In 2017, this action has been promoted from Yangtze River Delta area to Pan-River-Delta region where 12 provinces and cities can work together against IPR infringement and counterfeiting. 

Over the past three years, over 400 criminal cases have been cracked and over 720 suspects have been captured through the “Yunjian Action”, involving a value of about 2.2 billion yuan. 

(Source: cnq.com.cn)