Copyright protection: to boost healthy development of cultural industry

In 2012, the copyright registration of works and computer software nationwide reached 687,651 and 139,228; in 2016, these two indicators surged to 1,599,597 and 407,774 respectively. In 2012, the added value of China’s copyright industry stood at 3.567415 trillion yuan, accounting for 6.87% of the national GDP; in 2015, the figure exceeded 5 trillion yuan and reached 5.005414 trillion yuan to be exact, representing a share of 7.3% of the national GDP. 

Explosive growth of copyright registrations 

As Yu Cike, Director-General of Copyright Management Department under National Copyright Administration of China (NCAC) said, NCAC has been focusing on the following three major and key tasks in recent years: 

- Strengthen copyright registration; 

- Push forward copyright model building and demonstration; 

- Carry out copyright asset management. 

Copyright registration is fundamental to the promotion of copyright industrial development in order to maintain sustained development of both quantity and quality concerning the registration of works nationwide. 

Copyright industry as a new area of economic growth 

Up to date, NCAC has set up 17 national copyright transaction centers and national copyright trade bases, 10 national copyright model cities, 74 national copyright model entities and 24 national copyright model industrial parks. As its proportion in the national economy increases year after year, China’s copyright industry has become a new engine of economic development. 

Online copyright order further regulated 

Over the past five years, NCAC and other government agencies have looked into a batch of major and key infringement cases in succession, which greatly deferred the acts of online infringement and piracy. Only in the 2016 “Sword Net Action”, 514 administrative cases were handled, with administrative penalty totaling 4.67 million yuan. 33 cases were transferred to judicial organs for criminal handling, involving200 million yuan and 290 websites were closed down. In July 2017, the 13th “Sword Net Action” was launched.