SAIC issued a document to offer special protection for the character “雄安(Xiong'an)” in the examination and approval of corporate names

On October 10, SAIC issued the Opinions about Supporting the Planning and Construction of Xiong’an New Area in Hebei Province. 11 pieces of opinions were targeted at the company registration, regular supervision, trademark and IPR as well as advertisement development, Xiong’an. SAIC stated clearly that the characters like “中国雄安(Xiong'an China)”and “雄安(Xiong'an)”would be under protection in the trademark registration according to the law. 

Besides, SAIC proposed a separate opinion to support the advertisement development in Xiong’an New Area. SAIC supported the idea of constructing an advertisement industrial park of high starting point, high standard and high-level planning. The favorable policies and industrial advantages in Xiong’an would be leveraged to deploy the advertisement and brand strategies. The advertisement industry would be encouraged to expand business in Xiong’an New Area. 

(Source: Shanghai Security News)