Hangzhou Customs signed MOUs with Geely and so on for the protection of corporate IPRs

Recently, Hangzhou Customs signed MOUs on IPR-advanced exports respectively with Geely, Hikvision and Zhongce Rubber, with a view to maintaining fair and orderly foreign trade and offering Chinese enterprises support for IPR protection in their efforts to “go global”. This was also the first batch of MOUs signed between Hangzhou Customs and enterprises in the Longteng Action. 

It is learned that besides these three well-known enterprises, Hangzhou will also sign MOUs in succession with another six renowned companies to strengthen government-business cooperation and combat IPR infringement. According to the statistics of Hangzhou customs, they have seized a total of 1,124 batches of IPR-infringing goods since 2012, involving 13.254 million articles. 

(Source: Qianjiang Evening News)