Inner Mongolia Exit-Entry Inspection and Quarantine Bureau beefs up counterfeiting crackdown and rights protection

- Big data analysis and control
Based on the network of anti-counterfeiting and rights protection overseas for exported goods, in particular the data provided by the organizations of anti-counterfeiting and rights protection, distribution of counterfeit exported goods can be identified. Major efforts are made on the investigation of counterfeit exported goods targeted by the import countries, such as motorcycles, clothing, shoes, bags, mobile phones, stationery, battery, toys, small household appliance and metal fittings.

- Targeted crackdown at ports
Efforts of law enforcement, inspection, supervision and legislation authorities are concentrated to strengthen control, interception and targeted crackdown of illegal goods at the border trade ports and passageways towards Russia and Mongolia as well as countries along the “Belt and Road”.

- Group-based work
The customs authorities in Manchuria,Erenhot, Hulun Buir, Baotou, Urat, Ejina and Dongwuqi work on inspection and supervision of border trade to get prepared for joining in the shock brigade for border trade and ports. The joint campaign include case clue notification, investigation and evidence collection as well as case handling, etc.

- Discover unqualified products through supervision and random inspection
In 2017, Inner Mongolia Exit-Entry Inspection and Quarantine Bureau plans to supervise and inspect 100 batches of exported goods. To play its role as filter and magnifier in supervision and random inspection of exported goods, the Bureau selected in the whole region those consumer goods and key or sensitive goods with quality problems, in particular the products in the countries along the "Belt and Road". Efforts are made to explore the cooperation with major export cross-border e-commerce platforms and collect the feedback and complaints of consumers in the export countries. Thus, the supervision and random inspection can be carried out and the risk early warning can be released in a timely manner, with an aim to prevent risks of quality and safety in regional, systematic and industrial level.

- Take overseas notification, callback, cargo return and investigation of fake inspection and quarantine certificates as the starting point
The retrospective study will continue regarding the goods in overseas notification, callback and return. More efforts are made on tracing and investigation of the fake certificates of inspection and quarantine, on application of investigation results and on law-based filing and handling of illegal and irregular acts. The goods in overseas notification will be recalled, including children’s products, motor vehicles, home appliances, lights and batteries.

(Source: the Office of Inner Mongolia Leading Group on Fight against IPR Infringement and Counterfeiting)