Six achievements gained after the copyright law implementation for 26 years in China and the public copyright awareness raised significantly

The existing copyright law of China began to be implemented in June 1991 and it was revised in 2001 and 2010 respectively. The following six major achievements have been gained after the copyright law of China was implemented for 26 years:

A relatively complete copyright law system has been formed and the relevant laws have been available to everyone.

The two parallel protection systems for judicature and administration have been established and the copyright protection state has been approved obviously.

The copyright service system has basically formed and full play has been given to the function of social shared governance.

The copyright industry has risen quickly and the copyright trade has developed vigorously.

The international cooperation and exchange have been further strengthened. The influence and speech power of China have improved constantly.

Law popularization campaigns have been carried out in the whole society and the public copyright awareness has been raised significantly.

Source: China Press, Publications, Radio, Film and Television Newspaper