The 19th TRIPO Heads Meeting Held in Japan

On December 4, 2019, the 19th TRIPO Heads Meeting was held in Kobe, Japan. CNIPA Commissioner Shen Changyu, JPO Commissioner Matsunaga Akira and KIPO Commissioner Park Won-joo attended the meeting. The three sides summarized the achievements made by them in various cooperation projects over the past year, made positive comments on the progress in trilateral cooperation, exchanged views on future trilateral cooperation and determined their cooperation plan for the next year. 

Shen Changyu said that, since establishment in 2001, the trilateral cooperation mechanism among CNIPA, JPO and KIPO has been playing a positive role in the development of the three offices, coordination of regional IP affairs and the advancement of scientific and technological innovation of the three countries. It has become an important part in the cooperation among the three countries and more positive and practical outcomes have also been seen in cooperation among the three offices. He hoped that the three offices could further enhance cooperation and join hand to cope with the challenges in new fields brought about by new technologies, thus promoting regional economic development. Matsunaga Akira and Park Won-joo made positive comments on the achievements the three offices have made in their cooperation over the past year, believing that the increasingly deepened cooperation in IP has effectively promoted the economic and trade development of the three countries. 

At the meeting, the three offices briefed the latest progress in IP work of their own countries respectively, had in-depth discussions on designs, trademarks, re-examinations, human resources, cooperation among non-governmental IP organizations of the three countries, TRIPO user symposium and other content, and exchanged views on the development of new technologies like AI. The three offices also decided that the 20th TRIPO Heads Meeting would be held in South Korea in 2020. After the meeting, the three offices signed the Summary of the 19th TRIPO Heads Meeting. 

In the afternoon, to further strengthen communication and mutual understanding, listen to opinions from the industrial circle and provide better services for the public and IP users, the three offices jointly held the 7th TRIPO User Symposium. Shen Changyu, Matsunaga Akira, Park Won-joo and Hyōgo governor Toshizō Ido attended the meeting and gave speeches. 

Shen Changyu pointed out that the theme of the symposium was “Latest Trends in Administrative and Judicial Protection System of IP”, which was a hot topic in IP currently. Since the establishment of China’ IP system, it has established the parallel operation mode of both administrative and judicial protection for IP. The Chinese government pays high attention to IP protection and keeps strengthen top-level design and improving laws and regulations to increase administrative and judicial protection for IP. He hoped that the three countries could share experience, exchange with and learn from each other to seek common development, promote IP protection more effectively and contribute wisdom and strength to promoting economic innovation and development and open cooperation among the three countries. 

Matsunaga Akira and Park Won-joo introduced the latest progress of their own countries in administrative and judicial protection for IP, hoping that the three countries could enhance cooperation to solve IP disputes better and support innovation and development of the three countries. 

Over 100 attendees from the government sectors, the industrial circle, the academic circle and IP service agencies of the three countries made discussion and exchanges at the symposium. 

It is learnt that the annual total volume of trade among China, Japan and South Korea is up to USD 7.25 trillion. Strengthened IP cooperation has created a favorable business environment for the three countries and provided support for their economic development. 

(Translated from CNIPA Website Chinese Version)