The 2019 China – EU Conference on IPR Protection Online and Innovation concluded

From November 21-22,, supported by Hainan Administration for Market Regulation, jointly hosted by China Anti-Infringement and Anti-Counterfeit Innovation Strategic Alliance (CAASA) and EU IPKey and organized by Beijing Anti-Infringement and Anti-Counterfeit Alliance, the 2019 China – EU Conference on IPR Protection Online and Innovation was held in Haikou, Hainan Province. 

Themed on “improving protection capability, and promoting utilization and development”, the conference aims to promote the building of social governance system for online IPR protection and further enhance the communication and cooperation between China and EU on IPR. 

Lu Zhengmin, Deputy Head of the Office of National Leading Group on the Fight against IPR Infringement and Counterfeiting and the Law Enforcement Inspection Bureau of State Administration for Market Regulation, Zhang Dongbin, Party Secretary and Head of Hainan Administration for Market Regulation and Ruben Schellingerhout, Counselor for IPRs of the EU Delegation to China attended the opening ceremony and delivered remarks. 

The conference offered six sessions to discuss topics like “the IPR protection in Hainan Free Trade Zone” and “EU’s experience sharing and discussion on MOU of anti-online infringement and anti-counterfeit”. The exhibition areas were also constructed to showcase the work achievements made by Hainan on anti-infringement and anti-counterfeiting in recent years and the fruits of social governance under the efforts of CAASA and IPKey. The book titled “IPR Social Governance and Multi-dimensional Protection”edited by CAASA was also publicized.