The 2019 EU-China Roundtable on Copyright Protection In the Digital Environment held in Shanghai, focusing on cross-border communication and cooperation

meeting scene

From September 24 to 25, the “EU-China Roundtable on Copyright Protection in the Digital Environment” was held in Shanghai. The guests from the copyright sector of both sides exchanged views concerning the update of China-EU copyright protection in the digital environment and the international hotspot issues of copyrights. They also shared new measures, new achievements and new experience about the launch of copyright protection under a new round of technical revolution. 

China and EU have kept good communication and fruitful cooperation on IP. Since 1996, both sides have launched IP cooperation for a long time. Both extensive and in-depth communication have been carried out concerning the issues of IP law-making, law enforcement and IP innovation, which can not only enhance mutual understanding on IP system, but also exert a positive role in improving the copyright law making and enforcement respectively and promoting the sound and stable development of China-EU economic ties and trade. 

According to statistics, the value added to China’s copyright industry exceeded 6 trillion yuan in 2017, accounting for 7.35% of the national GDP. In 2018, China’s copyright industrial scale reached 742.3 billion yuan, up 16.6% year on year. This indicates China’s clear and firm attitude towards copyright protection and development. After adapting to new technical conditions and solving the new-type problems of copyright in digital environment, the online copyright industry will achieve faster and better development. 

(Source: NCAC)