China-EU workshop on food control system held in Beijing to enhance training and food security

From July 9 to 12, the Law Enforcement Inspection Bureau under State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) and DG SANTE of European Commission jointly held a China-EU workshop on food control system themed “Official Food Control and Prevention of Food-related Fraud”. 35 delegates from competent departments of SAMR and local market regulators attended the workshop.

During the four-day training, experts and lecturers from DG SANTE, German government, Irish government and other EU members in charge of food safety supervision shared their expertise and experience on a broad range of topics, including EU food legal system, EU official measures of food control, EU requirements on food import and export, EU food-related e-intelligence system, food fraud definition investigation and examination techniques.

Yang Hongcan, Head of Law Enforcement Inspection Bureau attended the opening ceremony and delivered a keynote speech. He indicated that with the increasing globalization of food supply chain, the national and international situations of food safety are closely bound up, which requires synergy between countries to improve the governance on food safety. The Chinese government has always attached high importance to food safety by putting in place its work as one of livelihood projects and taking a series of major measures concerning institutional system, laws and regulations as well as supervision. The domestic situation of food safety continuous to turn better. It is hoped that through this training, both sides can enhance communication and mutual understanding to make more progress in the joint crackdown on food safety-related crimes, particularly online food safety offenses.

(Source: Law Enforcement Inspection Bureau of SAMR)