SAMR Head met USCBC President, aiming to improve the bilateral economic and trade relations

On August 17, Zhang Mao, SAMR Head met Craig Allen, USCBC President and the representatives of US-funded companies in China

On August 17, Zhang Mao, Head of the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) of China met the visiting US delegation led by Craig Allen, President of US China Business Council (USCBC) and some representatives of American companies in China. Zhang said that it was hoped to enhance communication with USCBC and promote the participation of American companies in China into the development course of China’s market economy so as to jointly strive for the improvement of Sino-US economic and trade relations.

Zhang Mao briefed the US guests on relevant work and functions of SAMR. Zhang said that according to the World Bank’s estimates, China's business environment has got significant progress in recent years, with the enterprises’ access time being further shortened and the emergence of 18,100 new start-ups on average every day. Meanwhile, China's scored remarkable results in terms of IPR protection, trademark registration and application, industrial product certification and market regulation advance the sustained improvement of domestic business environment. SAMR would further deepen the reforms to delegate power, streamline administration and optimize government services, push forward the decisive role of market in the resource allocation, carry out market regulation in accordance with the law, strictly follow the principles of equal treatment towards domestic and foreign enterprises, state-owned and private enterprises, in a bid to create fair and orderly competition environment for enterprises.

Craig Allen thanked Zhang for having a meeting with them. He agreed that US and China should settle the trade disputes through negotiation and consultation. He indicated that USCBC is willing to work with Chinese side to discuss the challenges and difficulties faced together and promote the bilateral communication and coordination in the commercial and trade fields.

The US corporate representatives in China appreciated the instruction and assistance offered by SAMR for a long time and expressed their desire to further increase their investment in China and accelerate the development in the future. Both sides also exchanged views on IPR protection, food and drug safety, standardized implementation and credit regulation.

(Source: SAMR)