China and Switzerland held the 7th meeting of deputy heads and the 5th industrial roundtable

The on-site 7th meeting of Deputy Heads of IPO of China and Switzerland

Recently, State Intellectual Property Office of China (SIPO)and Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property(IGE) held the 7th meeting of deputy heads in Shanghai. He Zhimin, Deputy Head of SIPO and Felix Addor, Deputy Head of IGE attended the meeting.

He Zhimin said that in recent years, China and Switzerland have carried out cooperation under the framework of bilateral MOU and scored positive results. It is hoped that in the future, under concerted efforts,the two sides can make concerted efforts to provide more efficient and convenient service for the users, which can effectively facilitate the common development of IPR undertaking in China and Switzerland. Addor highly commended the latest achievements made by China in IPR and hoped to further strengthen the in-depth IPR communication and cooperation with China.

At the meeting, both sides exchanged views on IPR development, legislative revision and IPR protection, discussed the specific business issues like practice of medical pharmaceutical patent examination, trademark registration involving Swiss national emblem and flag and shared their best working practices.

(Source: SIPO Website)