SAMR: Zhang Mao met Phil Hogan, Commissioner of Agriculture & Rural Development of EC

On May 15, Zhang Mao, Head of State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) met Phil Hogan, Commissioner of Agriculture & Rural Development of EC and Dr. Hans Dietmar Schweisgut, EU Ambassador to China. Zhang said that China will continue to reinforce and develop the communication and cooperation with EU counterparts in the fields of GI product protection and mutual recognition of organic agricultural product certification and to promote the sound development of economic ties and trade between China and EU.

Zhang introduced the functions of SAMR and the work on GI product protection and certification of organic agricultural products. He said that GI is an important type of IPR. The creation, utilization and protection of GI products plays a key role in improving China’s current rural development. SAMR will support the reorganized SIPO in continuing with law-based protection work of GI-marked products, coordinating the relevant departments in carrying out the agreement negotiation in GI between China and EU and promoting the effective and equivalent protection of outstanding GI products of both sides in accordance with the laws. SAMR is also willing to strength cooperation with the competent departments of EU on mutual recognition of certification related to organic agricultural products, guarantee the quality and safety of various products including diary products, step up the existing cooperation in the fields of fair competition, safety of consumer goods and food and drugs, push forward the communication between the functional authorities and learn from each other the advanced experience and good practice in order to make positive contribution to the economic and trade development between China and EU.

Phil Hogan commended the achievement made by the relevant departments of both sides in economic and trade cooperation for a long time and looked forward to maintaining such good communication and cooperation between the two sides so as to jointly advance the work in different fields and promote the new progress scored in the economic ties and trade as well as corporate development between EU and China.

Both sides also exchanged views on the issues of registration about wine and alcohol products, milk-based infant formula.

(Source: SAMR Website)