CJK builds a joint platform of product traceability for anti-counterfeiting

On September 7, the 2017 Asia Direct Marketing Vision was held in Chongqing. According to the reporter, in order to promote the healthy development of cross-border e-commerce and prevent some merchants from selling fa ke goods in the name of online cross-border shopping, China, Japan and South Korea will jointly build a platform of product traceability to fight against counterfeiting in cross-border e-commerce.

Peng Lihui, Secretary General of China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, indicated that China’s huge cross-border e-commerce consumer market required an authorized third-party authentication platform to trace and identify the authenticity. To this end, the e-commerce industrial associations in China, Japan and South Korea jointly built a cross-border platform of genuine goods traceability so that the origin and authenticity of cross-border goods in three countries can be traceable. This platform not only can trace cross-border goods, but also can inform the enterprises of goods sales via the back-end data.

(Source: Chongqing Daily)