“IP5+ID5” Industrial Cooperation Promotion Meeting held in Beijing and Shenzhen

Site of Promotion Meeting on "IP5+ID5" Industrial Cooperation

Recently, hosted by the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO), the "IP5+ID5" promotion meeting highlighting the industrial cooperation in the fields of inventions and design was held in Beijing and Shenzhen.

At the meeting, 13 staff familiar with IP5 cooperation briefed the progress made and the next-step development by the IP5 in invention and design fields to over 250 representatives from industries, agencies, US, Japanese and South Korean embassies and consulates. The Department of Treaty and Law, Department of International Cooperation, Department of Planning and Development, Department of Business Review Administration, Department of Appearance, Department of Literature and Department of Automation under SIPO were engaged in the meeting.

(Source: wipo-ec.com)