The 13th China-ROK Copyright Symposium was held in Dalian with a focus on the development of copyright industry in intelligent environment


On July 19, the 13th China-ROK Copyright Symposium themed with“the development of copyright industry in intelligent environment in China and ROK” was held in Dalian, Liaoning province. The symposium was hosted by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of China (SAPPRFT, also called National Copyright Administration Of China) of China and Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of ROK (MCST) and organized by Liaoning Provincial Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film & Television, Korean Copyright Commission, Dalian Culture, Radio,Film & Television Bureau and China Universal Press & Publication Co., Ltd. About 140 representatives from the governmental agencies,international organizations, copyright collective management organizations, academia and the industry participated in the symposium.

This symposium was held based on the communication and cooperation agreement signed between SAPPRFT of China and MCST of South Korea well as the work plan in 2017. Yu Cike, Director-General of Copyright Management Department under SAPPRFT said at the symposium that, as a result of topic study, case analysis, experience exchange and general discussion this time, not only new performance and achievements of the two countries in terms of copyright protection and innovation in the intelligent einvironment can be demonstrated, but also the success experience in combination with different national conditions can be shared to seek effective solution. Park Tae-Young, Copyright Policy Officer of MCST mentioned that since the endorsement of copyright cooperation agreement, the copyright experts and industrial professionals have met every year to seek possible solutions for the future copyright industrial development. As the fourth industrial revolution is coming, the intelligent and new technologies develop rapidly, and the distribution environment of content industry also changes. Hence, the copyright sector is encountered by many unsettled problems. Against this background, China and ROK organized this symposium to discuss and explore topics like how to adjust copyright laws and policies and business operation models, which is of great significance.

Source: National Copyright Administration