SPC president meets WIPO delegation

Zhou Qiang, president of the Supreme People’s Court of China, meets with a delegation led by Francis Gurry, director general and Wang Binying, deputy director general of the World Intellectual Property Organization on May 15 in Beijing.

Zhou Qiang, president and chief justice of China’s Supreme People’s Court (SPC), welcomed Gurry, saying that WIPO’s visit will surely bring bilateral cooperation to a higher level.

The SPC and WIPO maintain a sound long-term partnership. Not long ago, the two sides signed a Memorandum of Understanding for further exchanges and cooperation and protection of intellectual property, according to Zhou.

Zhou introduced China’s protection of intellectual property, pointing out that the country’s strengthening of juridical protection over intellectual property has born fruits.

Chinese courts are using modern technology to speed up the construction of smart courts, said Zhou, noting that Chinese courts attempt to propel judicial system and trial mechanism reform to ensure that citizen feels justice and fairness in every judiciary case.

Zhou said that the SPC is willing to work in close contact with WIPO for practical cooperation in juridical protection of intellectual property through various means, including information sharing, case studies, and personnel training.

He added that the SPC is also willing to exchange judicial protection experience with other countries through WIPO for the promotion of the Belt and Road Initiative and contribution to the growth of a worldwide intellectual property system.

Gurry expressed gratitude to Zhou for the meeting and said he was impressed by China’s achievements in judicial protection of intellectual property. China uses information technology to develop and publicize justice which provides useful experience for other countries.

He also expressed his desire for closer cooperation and letting more countries know about China’s experience.

Source: english.court.gov.cn