Work Mechanism of the Leading Group

Regular work meetings. The leading group holds one plenary meeting each quarter, which is chaired by the Chair of the group, Vice Premier of the State Council. The main contents of such meetings are to summarize the work of the previous quarter, consider important documents, study and deploy the workfor this quarter.
Key work implementation.According to the annual work focus and quarterly work arrangements, the office determines the tasks and work of each member unit.
Supervising over case investigation and handling. The office supervises over and urges each region and member unit to implement their respective work, and works in conjunction with relevant departments to investigate and handle key trans-regional and trans-departmental cases.
Statistic report. The office establishes data statistics and information reporting system, summarizes the case investigation and handling of each region and law enforcement and justice departments, analyzes data and cases, and prepares and issues work reports.
Performance evaluation.The office dispatches a central evaluation team each year to conduct performance evaluation of the campaign against IPR infringement and counterfeits of each province (region and municipality).