Office of the Leading Group

The office of the leading group locates at the Ministry of Commerce, responsible for the daily work of the leading group. The head of the office is Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Bingnan.
The main responsibilities of the office include:
I. Undertaking the daily operation of the leading group, raising work proposals to the leading group, and coordinating and urging each region and member unit to implement the tasks decided by the leading group;
II. Establishing a case statistic system for campaign against IPR infringement and counterfeits, promoting enforcement cooperation among different regions and departments, and supervising the handling of major cases involving IPR infringement and counterfeits;
III. Implementing the linkage work between administrative law enforcement and criminal justice in the field of cracking down on IPR infringement and counterfeits;
IV. Promoting the amendment of relevant laws and regulations concerning IPR infringement and counterfeits, and promoting the improvement of standards for inspection, authentication and other relevant standards;
V. Organizing and promoting the establishment of credit systems for key areas concerning the campaign against IPR infringement and counterfeits;
VI. Organizing and coordinating the foreign-related matters concerning IPR, and promoting the establishment and improvement of a multilateral and bilateral law enforcement cooperative mechanism;
VII. Organizing publicity and education work for the campaign against IPR infringement and counterfeits, and undertaking the establishment and management of the Chinese website for the campaign against IPR infringement and counterfeits.